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What if I need to modify my order?

If you will like to make changes to the course purchased, please contact us by clicking the floating chat button to speak with representative immediately 

How do I make payments

There is online payment available with your card or offline payment where you pay to the bank and provide evidence. Click the chat button for more information or speak with representative 

How do I make offline payment

To make payment with bank or transfer pay into:
Marketing 360 agency solutions
Sterling bank
and click the chat button to notify of your payment.
Your Course will be activated within 5mins after confirmations are complete.
Any further questions please click the chat button.

How long till I can start learning

Once confirmation is made you will be activated and can start the course 

I can't long in my account, please help !!

If you have issues logging into you account, click the forgot-password / reset-password button to have your password reset. You can also click the Contact US button to request a call back, chat with an administrator to assist you in the process.

I can no longer access my course , Please help .

Please click the Contact Us button to speak with an administrator to fix such errors immediately 

Can I speak with an administrator, My question is not stated here

If you have any other issues or request , click the Contact US button to address any further issues not stated here 

I want to cancel my subscription or payment

There are no refunds after a course has been started, click the contact us button for clarifications on refunds  

I can't find the course I want

You can make special request for courses be made specially or a private tutor 

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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